Is this a Blue Java/Ice Cream Banana Plant?

cindyrn(8)July 23, 2012

If not, what kind of banana plant is it? I've googled a bunch of pictures but I don't know enough about bananas to know if they all look like that when they bloom or whatever you call it.

The sap you see dripping from the flowers is extremely sweet and tastes good. I'm going to have a hard time keeping the kids from licking the leaves!

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Bamatufa(7 - Trussville, AL)

I say it is. Its got the waxy coated ,emerald green appearance. I have six varieties and my IC is very distinctive from my others.

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How did you get it to fruit outside?!

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Richard, I'm in zone 8b :)

Our summers are usually very hot, humid, and long but this one has been BRUTAL! Our summer started very early this year and has been in the triple digit heat indices since the season started.

Aside from that, I use Miracle Grow every other week and have a soaker hose that runs through all of the banana plants and cannas. I'm going to start fertilizing weekly from now on.

I'll post some more pictures and maybe someone can tell me what the real name of a banana plant I have. My brother calls it a plantain but I don't think so.

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10-14 days ago

This morning

Zebrina Rojo

Siam Ruby. I don't know why it's getting wider but not growing upward?

Figured out the "plantain" was an ornamental banana musa ornata

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I meant to post this earlier! It finally dropped below 40 degrees the end of December so we cut the bananas off and laid them on a towel int he Florida Room to ripen.

After about 6 weeks we started getting ripe bananas. They are so good! I dehydrated some into banana chips, we ate some fresh, but most of them we froze.

They freeze really well, much better than the ones we buy in the store even. Frozen banana, a little splenda, ice, and a bit of skim milk in the Magic Bullet makes a great shake!

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