Musa Basjoo growing 1 foot a week

lee466July 11, 2007

I've had a musa basjoo since the begining of june, and it didn't grow an inch for 2 weeks, and in the middle of june it started growing 1 foot a week, and now it is double in size now, it is 4 foot tall, and it has 3 suckers. It now has a new leaf coming out, and I first saw signs of it 3 days ago, and it is 4 1/2 foot wide, and it doesn't have any damage.

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nyssaman(Z6 ON)

I wish mine would do that - I have 2 both growing like snails - mind you I think they are beginning to take off as they are both established at this point - what did you do to your soil? what is your watering regime with them - I dug out about 1.5 feet by 1.5 feet about 1 foot deep then the soil I removed mixed mulch , horticultural sand and fish compost - then I mixed in an organic fertiler called power bloom that has bat guano and green sand and other goodies in it then I threw the ammended soil back in the hole and planted the pup gave it a good watering - I water when it is very hot regularly but when the temp is between 70-80 I let 2-3 days go by with just a light watering on the 2 or third day.



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When I planted it, I put decomposed oak mulch around the rootball, and everytime I do that they grow faster. I put 2 tbsp of 15-30-15 expert gardener all purpose fertilizer to 2 gallons of water, and I also use superthrive with the fertilizer, and use the full 2 gallons on one banana plant, and fertilize it every week. I also have it on the west side of the house, so it is getting alot of afternoon sun, and I water it when I fertilize it, and I live in a humid climate so I don't have to water as often, but if your not in a humid climate I would water more because they will dry out quicker in a drier climate.

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