MOSO Seed Germination!

ivillage_rexJuly 28, 2008

Hi there everyone. I'm new to theses forums and this is my first post. I hope I'm posting this in the correct section (-.-;). Exactly 14 days ago, I started on my little at-home Moso bamboo seed germination project. I live in Seattle and I know this isn't the best place for Moso to grow, but 300 seeds for $13 USD on eBay was just too good of a deal to pass up! The method I used for seed preparation:


Soak in 10% Saltwater for 5 minutes (I filled a small cup with tap water and dumped it into a bucket (9 times) and after that, I filled the same cup with salt and dumped it into the bucket as well to create a solution that consisted of roughly 10% salt)-


Soak in tap water for 20 minutes-

I filled a clear plastic box that used to hold roast beef (bought from Safeway) to 1 inch above the bottom of the container with MiracleƂGro Potting Soil purchased from Lowe's. The box measures about 6'' x 4.5 '' x 2.5''. I moistened the soil a little bit and mixed it up with a chopstick.

Next, I placed 10 prepared seeds in 2 rows inside the box on top of the soil. I wasn't sure whether or not I was supposed to stick them in upright with the pointy end facing upwards towards the sky, so I opted not to. I placed them flat against the soil like so:

l l l l l

l l l l l

and covered them with about 0.5'' of the same soil.

Today, 2 skinny sprouts struck out of the soil! I'm very excited about this!!! I have a question for you guys. How long should I wait for until I transplant them into different containers? If anyone would like to see pictures I'll take some post them up, just let me know.

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Oh no guys! I planted 10 seeds. 3 has germinated so far but 1 sprout has reached the lid of the container! What should I do? If I remove the lid, the humidity will decrease drastically and this might stunt the germination of the other seeds :(. Help~

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MacDaddy(z6a NY)

Prick out the germinated seedling an place it in a larger pot with more soil. I like using recycled 32 ounce strofoam cups with potting soil in them.

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Bad news!!! The container I had them in fell off the window ledge and all the dirt/seedlings flopped onto my carpet and computer monitor last night. I fixed up a tub of new potting soil and transplanted them into it as fast as possible, but I know they're not supposed to be moved while they're young. This morning, I checked to see how they were doing. Out of the 3 seedlings, one of them has its single leaf drying up. It's not brown, but it's leaf is accumulating crinkles! I need help guys :(! What should I do?

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