best tool to cut off bamboo branches(m)

teeka0801July 3, 2009

I have bought all sorts of pruning tools and can't seem to find one that will work well cutting bamboo branches off of the culms.

Also, which is the best way to cut down a culm (1-2 inches in diameter?)? I have a hand saw but that is just not working.


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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

For branches, a high quality hand pruner like Felco. For culms, a lopping pruner, and best if it's a racheting model.

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Mary Palmer

If you are trying to limb up a bamboo, I like to use a fine toothed Japanese pull saw. I lightly undercut the branch right where it joins the culm and then snap off the branch from the top. It leaves a really nice clean smooth finish with no stub. Don't undercut too deep, just a little.

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should I get a FELCO lopping pruner but doesn't seem to have the ratchet feature?

Other brands have the ratcheting,but they are not the FELCO brand.

I saw a FELCO lopper that cuts up to 1.8 inches and there's only that one model that cuts that type of diameter, but not ratcheting.

Pls advise.thanks.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

Felco makes high quality tools, and it's worth it to have one of their hand pruners as it will last you many years. While I'm sure their lopping pruners are great, that's a lot of money for a lopper. Here is the inexpensive, non-Felco, racheting model I have that has worked fine for me with bamboo and tree branches.

Here is a link that might be useful: HF lopper

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Hey Gil, have you been to Kubota garden? I saw quite a few different types of bamboo species growing there!

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OMG, all the $$$$ I spent on those HD pruners, what a waste and this one is AMAZING!

I even found a left-handed version and I was pruning away today...this is going to change my life and my entire relationship w/ my bamboo:)

I also bought the loppers you recommended and I'm waiting to get those and try them out...I desperately need to cut some culms down that are just too close to my neighbor's fence.

Thanks so much for bringing me up a notch in terms of garden tools.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

Glad to hear that. I'm quite frugal, but sometimes you need to spend the money for a quality tool. Now, just learn how to sharpen the blade with a sharpening stone and touch it up every couple of months, and you won't have to replace the cutting blade for a long time.

The ratcheting pruners take a little practice to use: at first my wife didn't like them, but, once she got the hang of it, I couldn't get them away from her...

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I *LOVE* them!!!!!

OMG, my life is forever changed in the garden.

I cut down a dozen culms and chopped them into manageable sizes (and my two lab puppies LOVE to chew on them,too!) and after 2 1/2 yrs of not knowing how I was going to manage my bamboo, I feel like I have control over my garden once again.

Of course, ideally I'd get to the culms I didn't want when they are just coming up, but they come up so fast I don't notice them till they are 20' tall and leaning into the neighbor's yard.

Thanks again, now I just need to keep them razor sharp..I guess I'll get online to learn how to do that.


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clip on how to cut branches:) enjoy

Here is a link that might be useful: Bamboobill how to cut branches

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I prefer either a chain saw or a bat'leth.

As to the Bamboobill how to cut branches video...

Socks with flip flops on the job? I don't know who to alert first: the fashion police or OSHA.

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OMG!!! you have got to get the BLACK & DECKER
18V Electric Cordless Alligator Lopper. This is PERFECT for bamboo. I do not think that there could be any other cutter out there that can even compare! I got mine at Home Depot and LOVE IT!!!

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Perfect for bamboo how? Removing branches (the topic of this thread)? Cutting culms off at ground level?

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An 18 volt reciprocating saw is *very* useful for cutting off culms at ground level. I prefer loppers in general, but sometimes you don't have the proper angle and clearances necessary to spread the handles and close them down.

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