Strange growin boo....

rogertse(NE AR)July 17, 2006

I planted a two culms of P Bissetii back in May in the back patio, in an area about 3'x5', the culms are about 10'tall and growing very healthy, I piled lots of grass clippings covered the area real good... about two weeks ago, I found the bamboo has a shoot that's growing sideways under the mulch but above ground, and removed the mulch, yesterday, I took a close look at the base of the bamboo, and see what I found !!!!

I layed two layers of brick at the end of the area to built up the back and filled it with dirt

There are three shoots coming out of the brick holes, and in one hole there are TWO small shoots coming out :) you can see it from the picture :)

What would you do with it in this situation ?

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It is just sending out runners. It is that time of the year. Just keep them trimmed back inside of the perimeter of the planter. Apparently it is very happy and eager to grow. Since it is so eager to spread it may well send up whipshoots before the growing season is done.

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