Are these 'Ice Cream' ? (Silvery/whiteish powder)

josh_palm_crazyJuly 11, 2008

I've posted about the possible identity of my bananas before with some unsure responses. I came to the conclusion that I have 'Ice Cream' Blue Java bananas because of the same overall look and shape of the banana tree itself compared to other pictures and most of all the uncanny silver/whiteish powder on the pseudostems of Ice Cream bananas. Here's pics of mine compared to another "for sure" Ice Cream. What do you think. Anyone else see the similarities?

These are mine

These are "for sure" Ice Cream bananas owned by sandy0225. A member of webshots.

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bcfromfl(z8a NW FL)

Nearly all bananas have a wax coating (the "powder" you note) along their pseudostems, and there's nothing uncanny or unusual about it. Some varieties have slightly more than others, but is an unreliable method for identification. Nor can you ID from the "look and shape" of the plant. Unfortunately, the only way to be sure is to see the fruit, which will have the characteristic deep blue/green color as it is ripening, in addition to being relatively small in size. This is possible in your zone if you dig the trunks up and store over the winter, then fertilize heavily during your growing season.

Another "clue" (but certainly not reliable for ID) is the much larger size ice cream can attain. Many dessert-types mature around 8-12 feet, but ice cream reaches 12-15 feet with leaves extending much higher. Since you have fewer light-hours in your zone, your plants may not grow quite this large.

-Bruce C.

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