Overwintered Musa Sikk

nyssaman(Z6 ON)July 15, 2007

I wonder who has overwintered any of musa sikk or cheesie around the great lakes area - Detroit, Toronto, Cleveland etc. There is a nursery here in southern ontario they have alot of different bananas but they say the basjoo is the only one that will over winter here - yet I'm hearing that sikk is possibly hardier than basjoo - I don't see a really big difference in the winter here in southern Ontario near lake Erie to lets say areas in PA and Michigan or Ohio for that matter - Now Cincinnati that would be warmer and lets say Detroit would be marginally warmer than myself by 2-3 degrees - I've heard that Sikk has been over wintered successfully in Ottawa now thats cold 10-15 degrees colder than I get - so who has successfully overwintered these 2 species around or in the near vicinity of Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan.


Jeff aka Nyssaman

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I haven't, but i plan too. I've got 12 seedlings Sikks that will go in the groud at some point.

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bobcat(z5 OH)

I tried twice. No luck. Apparently there are two forms of sikk (at least)? Mine does not have any purple on the leaves.

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I have a couple red tiger and a wild Darjeeling banana that I
Have started from seed approaching 10ft now,and only a year old,the have grown really fast this summer,I'm going to pile on the mulch this fall,and hope they will come back.
Here's a couple pics,taken 4th july of the red tiger and wild banana,they are the 2 bananas out front of the bed.

Here's a pic of a couple Ensete M.Red Assyb.

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