Tinkerbell 2013

dondelduxMay 4, 2013

Hi All,

For those of you who remember last year when I got this wonderful mislabel from ETBG from Saad Assaf in which I was at first disappointed and which subsequently turned into a Swan, she had sent up one stalk this year on which there appears to be at least five, possibly 6 flowers!!!

For those of you who are new and missed the story just put Tinkerbell in the search box and you can read at least two threads on how this miniature gem came to be in my possession!

Her stalk is currently just a bit over 6"...hopefully she will grow another inch of two before she blooms, but actually she can do anything she wants.

and her buds appear to have nice deep color already..

and this is what she looked like last year with her wonderful crimped edges...

Last year I tried to self most of her 12 blooms with no success at all. Hope I fair better this year...I don't know what I would put on her though but I do have Graffiti pollen which is also a miniature but has a tall stem. Her pollen does work on other flowers.


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I want one!!! :)

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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Wow, Donna, what a lucky mistake! Is it a cybister?


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I loved it before, cant wait to see it again!

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Thanks Guys, If I'm lucky enought to get a substantial number of selfed seeds, (I plan to self at least 2 possibly 3) I will share some seeds. This is a big "if" as last year I got nothing but, last year it was on an unrooted bulb but, this year she's got all her roots and she's under no stress. I would love to see what else whatever these genes are comprised of would produce!

Alana, she's not a cybister, just a very unusual miniature hippeastrum with flowers that measured somewhere around three and a half inches. I can't wait to see if she has those pie crust edges again...I am excited. So far no signs of any offsets though...


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donna I remember her from last year she is lovely make sure u put up her photo of her flowers this year regards and happy growing danny

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Pie crust edges... Good descriptor!!

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I'm so excited following this beauty. Please post more photos.


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Exciting days ahead for Donna!!!

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Hi All,

Well I just noticed that two of the five flowers are conjoined!! So, that will only give me 3 flowers and will that mean that since the ovaries are connected that I will only have 3 out of 5 flowers to pollinate?

This is too bad as I think the beauty of the flowers will be lost since they will be all crammed together. But I will have one normal one anyway. Has anyone ever successfully pollinated a conjoined flower and what did you get?

Last year I had 12 flowers and they were all singles....


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Wow, what are the odds?

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Good Morning...

Well, sadly my Tinkerbell is having an off year.. to say the least! Her color is not as pink (might just be my imagination) and not to mention the two conjoined flowers! Even the remaining single doesn't have the beauty of last year.

The pollen sacs were opening before the flower even opened so I wasn't able to get them out in time to do anything but self her. (which I haven't done yet).

This will be the first time I have done anything with a conjoined flower, two stigmas and twice the pollen! It will be interesting to see what sort of seedpod a conjoined flower will produce as I'm going to do them both. Do you think that the connected ovaries will produce a double seedpod?

These instabilities may be the reason that the folks at Saad Assaf decided not to release her. But she's found a permanent home with me and I will do my best to make her happy so hopefully her flowers will return to what they were last year!


and once again, last year...

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I will be interesting to see if the conjoined flowers are a regular trait of hers. I still love the colors! Good luck with the pollination!

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Beautiful Donna, I do love 'Tinkerbell'!

Miss you guys, a lot!

I've been working almost non-stop, finishing school, taking care of sick relatives.... I'm going to make sure I start posting more again, this place is my therapy!

(sorry Donna to hijack your thread!)

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Hi Josh! Have you been a voyeur? Hope you are well and please come on back, we do miss you!


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