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bradbrad76July 31, 2008

I have a south facing balcony that gets lots of sun all day long. I was thinking I would plant some bamboo in containers on either side of the balcony to block out my side views and possibly enclose the entire balcony. My problem is that I know nothing about bamboo or how to properly cultivate it. Does anyone have any suggestions on varieties to use and if this is even possible. If you don't think it's a good idea, what would you recommend? Please help me, I want a beautiful balcony. Thank you in advance!

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OK. First of all, how high up is you balcony and how much taller than you balcony do you want to be enclosed?

From the info you have already put forth, I think you would be better off with a clumper, and you are in the perfect zone for a tropical clumper.

The nicer ones that would probably work best would be Bambusa Textilis and all of it's forms.

Right now I am thinking you would be best off with Bambusa Textilis var. 'Gracilis'

Look here:*&s=27

That is before it has reached it's fully mature height but it is close.

If pruned this can be one of the most beautiful bamboos. Even if not pruned it looks great.

It get 30 ft tall, reaching a fairly small diameter of 1.3" and is cold hardy to 18 F.

It is one of the smaller textilis forms.

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