Is it Musa Basjoo in NJ?

RafaelNJJuly 15, 2014

So I stopped by Home Depot on rt 23 yesterday and noticed they have banana trees for sale for sale, nice 3-4 foot trunks very cheap. So I decided to pick two of them and plant along 3 Basjoos I bought earlier this year online. The ones I got are putting out leaves like crazy and trunk is getting bigger but they don't seem to be getting any taller in size. So I wanted to give these a try, problem is I am not sure if they are Musa Basjoos? The plant just says Musa Banana on it and shows a house plant suitable for 60+ degree weather. I am attaching pictures and maybe someone could confirm for me that is more famialiar with these. They look the same to me but most bananas look the same. The little one next to the big one is one of the Basjoos I got online but is not doing as well as the other two as it was planted in place with little sun, I just replanted it a few days ago here.

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Here is another plant I got from HD I planted a foot deep as I want to try leaving it without protection in winter.

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And this is a Musa Basjoo I got online

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Those you got from HD are also basjoos. They are a nice banana as they sucker regularly and retain foliage into the Fall when other species will begin to shut down for the season.

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I just got a musa from HD which will put in the ground once the thunderstorm stops! It probably wont have time to bear any fruit. What do i do with it in the winter.

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Musa Basjoo are overwintered by people into Zone 6. I bring mine into a 'cold greenhouse' in Zone 7 where it stays evergreen, but others just leave them in the ground and mulch.

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