Not Prelude. But what is it then?

holantinaMay 3, 2010


Can anyone identify this one? I got it instead of Prelude.

It is not Limona. It is very pale yellow green with burgundy to dark fuchsia stripes and an incomplete picot (it doesn't reach up to the tips of the tepals)

Never seen one like this before.

Thanks in advance! Van Mijn amaryllissen

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It looks like 'Magic Green' to me?

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Thank you! I really had no idea where to start looking. With the name you provided, i started looking for pictures. Yes, indeed. I saw lots of good pictures and from different angles, also in this forum. I have no doubt it is Magic Green. I'm so glad! Don't you just get a little bit desperate about those "unknown beauties" which you become the accidental owner of, from time to time? It is nice to have a name (the GOOD name) to write on the plant tags, hahahaha.....

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