Propagation of B. tuldoides by live culm burial

unautre(8B San Antonio TX)July 29, 2006

The thread is lost to Garden Web's old thread black hole, but a few of you may remember this experiment of March 03 with my Bambusa tuldoides (planted July 04):

Several weeks ago, I cut the culm segment between the lowest pot and the ground that was keeping the culm attched to the ground. 5 of the sprouted pots stayed green. A couple weeks later. I cut the culm between the pots. 4 of the 5 viable pots stayed green, autonomous.

Today, I was cleaning out the pots that failed, and found this:

I will re-port the remaining four viable pots next week.


1. This method of culm burial works! The node buds sprout roots. I have no idea whether the giberellic acid, sprouting solution, etc that I applied in the first few weeks after starting the experiment had any effect.

2. the encircling of the bottom of the failed pots showed the roots want to go very deep. I figure these failed because the roots, up against the pot, just didn't have enough contact with enough soil and moisture.

3. If I repeat the experiment, I'll use pots 2 or 3 time as deep.

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unautre(8B San Antonio TX)

I moved 3 of the 4 viable plants to larger pots. One looks like it won't make it. The 4th plant also seems like it's weak and dying.

Now that the main plant has plenty of culms, I think propgation by dividing culms/rhizomes/roots is a quicker, more reliable technique.

I think I will try the semi-buried culm approach one more time, with much larger pots to accomodate the quite deep diving initial roots and to avoid have to up pot when the plant is young and fragile.

An idea from another site is to use rooting hormone to stimulate the buds and roots on the nodes.

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webgator(9 FL)

Glad to see you revived this thread and that there was some success!

Maybe also try just cutting an older culm then trimming most branching from each node and burying that. I know this works well for multiplex varities.

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unautre(8B San Antonio TX)

Keeping the culm buried AND attached to the ground is similar to air-layering. I think there's more of a chance with moisture and nutrition coming continuously from the ground plus energy coming from the leaves of the buried culms rather a detached culm trying to get itself budding roots and going with just declining energy it has left.

I'm still impressed with with the 3 or 4 roots or times one root encircled the containers. I will definitely try this again but with much deeper containers, which would allow the roots to go deeper before hitting the containers which should increase the success rate.

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