Where do you buy Bamboo around Philadelphia?

frankjones5July 16, 2007

I need a nice tall bamboo hedge. Where do you buy bamboo around center city Philadelphia? The internet is too big to ask. Maybe someone in the internet can help.

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I live in So. Florida and I have bought by internet and had it shipped to me.
Believe it or not there aren't any local sources even here.
I think it's best to buy from someone who grows in your zone so you know it will do well.
I used tropicalbamboo.com near Miami and also bought on ebay.

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I live right outside Philly in Bucks county.
Almost every nursery (not Home Depo or Lowes) up here either has it, or will get it for you.
There is a nursery online up here that grows it in Newtown (the gold runner) and will ship it to you.
So, just find a local nursery, check your local yellow pages, and start calling to see if they have bamboo, or if they will order it for you.
I used to have the link for the Newtown bamboo site, but I can't find it at the present time.

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Anywhere you go around philly you'll find many bamboo groves where people have already planted. Don't be afraid to stop and ask for some. Most folks around here would be happy to give some away. Free at that.I am getting ready to do some control measures for a customer in Malvern if your in the area then feel free to help yourself.It's a clumping variety.

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My brother works around there. Maybe he could pick some up? I don't even know what part of the plant to take if someone offered me some but I'm sure I could figure it out. If you are interested in sharing some bamboo I'll post a temp email address so we can communicated directly. I would appreciate it.

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just curious, what type of control measures are needed for a clumping bamboo in philadelphia? i suspect that F. rufa, F. nitida, or perhaps F. robusta are the only ones that would grow there and i'm surprised that they could be out of control?

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Can't answer the above question but the place I want to put it is surrounded on all sides by at least 15' of concrete and asphalt. I think that would control it.

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a customer recently told me they had malaysian clumping bamboo, and having never heard of that one i asked for a picture. as it turned out it was polygonum cuspidatum - knotweed, be careful.

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Actually you are correct inversa. It ends up that it isn't a clumping variety. Just a slow spreading yellow grove which seems to rise from the rizomes at very close intervals. Some of my confusion is based on the simple fact that the origional installer placed metal rings around the first plantings and it caused a growth pattern that seemed "clumping" to my first glance.

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Hey do you still need bamboo?

What exactly are you looking for? i have a lot of bamboo that I am getting rid off I live in South Jersey

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I live in South Philly and want to plant bamboo in pots in front of a window outside.

If you have any bamboo left that you don't want or can tell me where you bought yours, please contact me off list. 1234@snip.net

Thank you.

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Chester County Bamboo in Malvern.

CC Bamboo is the only company in PA that specializes in all aspects of bamboo.
We provide high quality bamboo from 1' to 40' tall.
We also offer management and removal services.

Our consultative approach ensures that our clients select to proper species and planting methods for their location.

Design services also available.

Here is a link that might be useful: CCBamboo.com

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John -- that website link doesn't work, at least not today.

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Reviving this thread, need to know where to get Running type Bamboo in/near Northeast Philly. I'd prefer to get some in person rather than buy online. Thanks!

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