New here, what's the easiest banana to grow in z7 New York?

irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)July 24, 2005

HI. I'm new to tropicals and am interested in a banana tree. Are there any that I can bring indoors or have go dormant in my basement?

Any help will be really appreciated.


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cac0(8 OR)

There are some you can leave in the ground; Musa basjoo and Musa sikkimensis are easy to find, and both are very hardy.

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Adenium(z7 Switzerland)

I would recommend musa basjoo that you can leave outside during winter. If you don't protect it, it will regrow from the roots, since they are very cold hardy. However, if you want to have more beautiful and taller specimens, you have to protect them from the cold.
Another quite interesting and nice looking one is musa velutina that quite cold hardy as well. Personnaly I have never left it outside during winter. What is particularly nice with this one is that it can flower in one growing season, even in cold climates. Mine flowered indoors in October!
If you want to bring them back indoors, your choice is bigger.
Good luck with banana growing,

Nicolas, Switzerland

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The guys on here really know their stuff and it has already been said but "Basjo" is THE one to obtain. As also said "Sikkimensi" is quite hardy.
My advice is to grow as big as you can in your house overwintering indoors until the plant is too big for indoors then it has a better chance of surviving when planted outside because it is more mature. Overwinter indoors for as long as many seasons as you can but keep dryer in the winter months.

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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

Thanks guys. I'm looking for some of these bananas named above. When I was at a nursery today I bought a ginger and it was buy one tropical, get one free -- so I got a zebrina. Looks like I'll have to bring it indoors during the winter.

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orcuttnyc(z5-6 NY)

LI is a warmer winter clime than my orange county place. I've had one out of two basjoo survive outside, strawed over, each time. For the rest, I annoy the hell out of my wife by bringing in my tropicals. Protect the floor, plant lights, fans and 'neem' for the mites... :)

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Or, your bananas are gorgeous..Do you outdoor them in summer? How often do you repot? And what do you feed them? Toni

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