shade bamboo?

scott24July 31, 2008

Just wondering if any of you know of a bamboo that could survive a north exposure, no sun. Prefer it to be clumping type. Thanks in advance!

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Yes there are some. I don't have time to fully answer right now but if nobody answers before I am back (2 hrs) I will be glad to tell you all the species I know that can survive full shade.


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EEK.. Now that I have searched it, there aren;t really any that can survive full shade all day. Are you sure the spot doesn't get a little bit.

If it does, look here.

Look under the shade column. U is for unknown so don;t trust that those are shade plants.

2 Is very brief sunlight.


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Large leaf japonica does best in shade of the runners I grow and is the least invasive, tends towards clumpiness, is drought tolerant and a great screener(15-18' tall).

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I have a few clumping bamboos that are growing with morning sun but the area is also shaded by an overhead oak and a large shed (on the south side). It seems that even the early morning sun makes these bamboos leaves fold, so I think they would make do without much sun at all. These clumpers are the following: Fargesia murielae, Fargesia robusta, and Fargesia rufa. Also have a specimen of Borinda angustissima that is an extremely attractive clumper (very fine, delicate-looking leaves). All are growing in the same location I described and should be fairly shade tolerant (all have a problem with too much sun in warm summer areas). Good luck!

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where are you located? I'll have to look at the historic climate in this area and let you know. The South is the best region to grown bamboo, and it doesn't matter if it's in the shade or not so long as it gets some direct sun light during the day you'll be okay.

Here is a link that might be useful: bamboo poles

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