Arizone garden variety insect ID

psuperb1(9 Tucson)July 23, 2010

Put intentions into action this morning and grabbed camera and followed these critters around...all for curiosity's sake. Just want to know name and if they are good guys. Who said it was going to be easy? Hope pics are adequate for ID.

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The dominant life form in my garden too. A "milkweed bug".

They don't seem to do much harm, although they do gather on damaged tomatoes where they are drinking the juice and having sex. They might be responsible for some puncture wounds to my okra.

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psuperb1(9 Tucson)

Ah, my curiosity is at last assuaged! Glad you could ID it. The link is interesting too. It doesn't seem to bode well that it is becoming a "dominant life form." I see them on porch and patio, though not in great numbers there. Landlady has a huge stand of oleander hedge. I may be misconstruing but I've seen the little milkweed bug in cozy association with the fallen dried-up blossoms. There must be something there it uses as food source, possibly a seed. Further searches yielded some more interesting sites:

Again, thank you.

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