looking for bamboo in Niagara Area, Ontario

PrettyPeacock(6b)July 18, 2012

Hi All!

So - a short story to start.

My husband and I bought our first home in Dec 2010 - it wasn't until this spring that we realized we had a nasty neighbour. I will spare you the details.

There is a 5 ft fence between us and to be honest it is not enough.

I have been doing some research on Bamboo as a potential to create some more privacy.

We have about 15ft to cover and would like it as high as possible.

Can anyone give me advice on where to buy or any other helpful information?

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I'm actually pretty close to you in western NY near Rochester, but you would need to come across the border if you need to get plants. Is there a particular bamboo you are interested in? On bambooweb forums, I know there are a handful of bamboo collectors there with established bamboos.

Here's a blog with pictures of a few of my groves. Most bamboos don't spread that much this far north.

Also, do you know your climate zone? Depending on your location, you could be anywhere from a zone 4 to zone 6 in the niagara area, and most bamboos don't do well under a zone 5 without protection.

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Hi Stevelau,
I am in zone 6 (b)?
Directly across the US border in Niagara Falls.
I did find some at Gauld's Nursery - it is not bamboo but
Giant Maiden Grass - $30 gallon.
Grows similarly and the stalks look like bamboo.

Is that a good price? - free would be better of course, since i have 15ft to cover.

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correction :
it was probably 2 gallon!

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For a 2 gallon plant, that sounds on the expensive side for a grass as those guys are fairly common, and can be found all over eBay. Have you ever tried craigslist?

6b would be warm enough for most temperate bamboos, and you should be able to get some bamboos up to around the 40ft range with the largest zone 6 hardy bamboos. If you ever want to drive down for a dig, all I ask in return is to bring some bags of manure/ garden soil to return to the groves.

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