Controlling Black Bamboo

bamboome2007July 4, 2007

I want to plant some beautiful P. Nigra in a narrow, long brick edged container. I'm thinking as long as I watch the rhizomes once/twice year, I should be okay from them breaking through the bricks (which are only held with cement between them).

The container area is about 2.5" high, 2.5 wide, and extends about 30 feet, and another section extends about 10 feet.

Would it be alright to plant w/o barrier and will these simply break through?

Also, I've read that they will take full sun. Is this correct? We get a few days/year of 100+ weather sometimes.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

If the brick edging and mortar is intact, it won't break through...but it could dive under. How deep does the barrier go?

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Is that 2.5 " inches high by 2.5 INCHES wide or feet. If your container is only 2.5 inches wide, this does not give your bamboo very much room and it will never reach its full potential and will eventually die ( in 10-15 years, maybe).

If it is only 2.5 " high, and shares the same soil that is around it, it will dive under. Bamboo roots grow 12" deep, and maybe more depending on the type.

Water you boo well and often when it is that hot.

Have fun!

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