Bamboo Roots - What do I do

kris10powellJuly 4, 2007

Ok, I am new to the Bamboo portion of gardening and the sweetest 75 year old lady gave me some roots from her clumping bamboo. I put them in a pot of dirt on Mothers day and have grown 1 cute shoot that is about 4 feet tall. I am guessing that only one of the roots lived and wonder is there something I should do to stimulate its growth? Or should I just hold my horses and wait for more to grow? I saw in some of the other threads that there are shooting seasons, what are the other seasons? I am too tired from gardening today to look it up in one of the gardening books and figure that someone here will save me some time and just tell me...

By the way, what is lucky bamboo for? someone gave that and my luck has not changed yet... Should I put it in a Buddha planter or something? (just joking, I saw there was another forum for that :)

Kristen, the bamboo killer

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fluffy_bamboo(Zone 9)

I would just hold your horses and wait. Running bamboo growing season is spring and clumping in the summer. My bamboo's don't always follow that rule. You can feed it but not during the growing period. Lucky bamboo isn't really bamboo. I would check out that other site.

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