hippeastrum double, who am i?

joshy46013May 12, 2011

Hi Guys,

I got this as 'Blossom Peacock', does anyone know what it is? This is a VERY beautiful bloom! I'm not much for doubles but these pictures don't even do it justice! I was thinking MAYBE 'Rozetta'??

The scape broke off by hail sadly :( It broke off AFTER the flowers developed tho!

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Hmmmm Well, the white stripe is bold in some petals but almost non existent in others..could it just be a very stressed Lady Jane..but since I don't have a Rozetta, I suppose it could be,the color is great.. but the blown out petals :-(..Aside from the pinkish color, my vote goes for Lady Jane..do you notice the darker color on either side of the white stripe..Lady Jane has that..(just my thoughts of course)


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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

It could very well be Rozetta Josh. I've noticed that of all of the Rozettas I have, none bloomed the same. They're all pink doubles, but beyond that they're all different. I've got some pictures below...

Donna, didn't I give you a Rozetta or two? I'm surprised to hear you don't have any. Do we need to fix that? ;-)

Alana From 09 / 10 season From 09 / 10 season From 09 / 10 season

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Thanks Guys :)

I'm pretty sure it's 'Rozetta'. My flower is very pink so I can't imagine it would be 'Lady Jane'. This flower was in full sun so the color is completely developed!

The color is a VERY pink, some parts are cerise, some almost cranberry.

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Hi Alana,

Yes, you did give me a Rozetta but I had some rot issues with it and believe me, I tried my best to cure it..but alas, it didn't make it. I didn't want to tell you...but everything else is doing fine..

Your Red Lion x Blossom Peacock are jobbing out and Red Charm gave me a distressed flower this year but the bulb is fine and those little ones.. I think it is Fire Cracker (they are down stairs) are doing fine also!

Some times I'm able to cure rot and sometimes I'm not. My Maguire's Envy came with rot (probably from the long time in a hot sweaty quarantine) and as hard as I tried, the bulb is on it's last legs, even though it bloomed and I was able to save some pollen. I just had a second bloom on my Jasmine which is doing great and I probably will dab some Envy on her...

My bulbs are still all in the house, the weather up here has been so lousy..I've put a few of them are out and each night or time it is going to rain heavily DH has to bring them all in the garage..it's wearing a bit thin..can't wait to put them out and leave them out!!

Josh, I'm glad you probably got a Rozetta, I know you don't need another Lady Jane....It's great fun when your mislabel turns out to be something special..happens all the time to me...


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Would you like this 'Rozetta'? If not I plant on selling it on e-bay


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Hi Josh,

I appreciate the offer, but I think at this point all I would want from anyone would be seeds..but thanks!!!


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