Yippee - Perennial Hippis in z7

e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)May 7, 2011

I'm happy to report that it looks like hippis just might be perennial in Zone 7! I took a chance and left out some of my Red Lions and those Breck's "Hardy" (Sonatini) bulbs last winter with a good covering of mulch/leaves, and sure enough they've come back and are blooming!

I'm so excited about this because, mostly, it means I have someplace new to stash a bunch of the bulbs and seedlings that I've run out of room for elsewhere. Looks like I might not have to move to Fla. after all, Cindee.

(Josh, guess what I found in the garden too? Looks like that pink/white "hardy" came back that you were interested in. Look to the right of the tall lilies. Maybe it just didn't bloom last year. A bulblet will have your name on it this summer ;-) )

Alana From Spring 2011

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That's just great!! Maybe I'll give it a try, I'm 6b in a good year...How many did you leave in the ground..and, did you loose any.. and, how deep did you plant them..and, how far down were the tips of the bulbs..??


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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Hi Donna, yes you should definitely give it a try. Especially in a protected area. I figured being next to the house and over where the water pipe comes in might be a bit warmer, but this year I will try some by the mailbox too.

I planted them so that their neck was just at ground height. I noticed during the winter that one of my bigger ones had lifted a bit, and in the spring the neck was very soft and that freeze also affected the first scape coming up. But now that bulb looks pretty good and has a second scape. I plant to dig it up when it's done blooming, separate the bulblets and plant it deeper.

I don't think I lost any - but really I don't know how many I had. This was all from one Red Lion I got as my first bulb in Lowes in '08, with all its accumulated bulblets. But it looks like they're all there. Funny thing is though, that I thought that bulb was a Red Lion since that's what it was marked. Now that I know more about bulbs, I look at the bloom and instantly know it isn't a Red Lion after all - some much darker red with green streaking in the throat. Either that or all the bulbs mysteriously changed ;-)

Actually leaving the Red Lions outside was Frank's idea (Raleigh Frank) and it was brilliant.


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That is gr8 news..they look wonderful!

Sandra :)

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WOOHOO!!!! I knew it would be okay :)

I've planted a 'Limona' out today :) I had a Hippeastrum come back this year but it wasn't large enough to bloom when I planted it.. I'm not exactly sure what kind it is either, hopefully it will bloom next spring! It's growing VERY well tho!!!

I have a lot of Hippeastrum hybrids I'm planing out this year, I'm amending a bed with sand and granite for drainage and I'm going to plant them deep with a nice layer of mulch over top. I have a great feeling that they'll come back year to year! We will see!

Alana, I'm glad you found 'Flamingo', it's a beautiful hybrid for sure ;)

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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Josh, that's great news on yours too. I've been busily planting out some seedlings. So 'Flamingo' is the pink trumpet? It's pretty for sure. I'm glad it came up again - it was just a little further back (and into the Hydrangea a bit) then I thought I would have put it. What do you suppose the 'ploidy is on them? I tried its pollen on Trentino which I think should be a match, but I was wondering about reg. tets like Moonlight.


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