Best time to dig up and separate amaryllis?

dragonstoneMay 22, 2011

My amaryllis are cramped like heck. I keep reading that fall is the best time but I'm not sure exactly when. Is it when the weather is cool while the leaves are still intact? Is it after the leaves die down when you do it?

And what do I do if it's all rooted together? Some of my amaryllis grew in big pots before I decided to stick them in the ground to spread out. Some of them are jammed together pretty good.

I guess I'm asking because I've had a few buds that seemed to have gotten stopped short in the middle of the amaryllis batches and I'm assuming it was because they're crammed together pretty good.

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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

A neighbor of mine has an entire yard full. They do their dividing now. They were nice enough to share some offsets with me, and I just planted them this past weekend. They still had some foliage attached, but it is yellowing.

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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Even though the leaves are yellowing and will fall off, the bulb is still alive and will grow new leaves. This always happens to me when I move or send hippis via mail, and they always come back.


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I guess I'll wait for the seed pods to be done before I try separating any. Thanks :)

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I have a disease on my amaryllis. It is white and looks like white fly only there are not bugs. A nursery lady told me it was mealy bug and I have been treating them but nothing seems to happen. Whatever it is, it makes the leaves curl and the white powder like residue goes way down into the top of the bulb. Can anyone tell me what to do and what it is? These were my Grandmothers and I don't want to lose them. ann montgomery

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Could you possible take a couple of clear close-up pictures of the damaged areas of your hippies and post them? There are may knowledgeable people on this forum and I think someone might have your would most certainly help..


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weldontx(z 8a TX)

Do himmi's get mildew??
dragonstone, do you have a garden fork - the one with about 4 tines on it? Use that to dig clumps. Put the clump on a table, or, if you're young enough, just get on the ground and start separating. You might possible need a knife.. OH NO>>

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