What is wrong with my Hippeastrum?

browneyedsusan_gw(8a)May 26, 2011

I received four bulbs in a trade and I planted them outside. Hippeastrums overwinter in the ground and do very well in Birmingham, AL. One of the new bulbs has flowered. However, the flower stalk is only about 3 inches long so that the flowers are resting on the ground. The leaves have reddish brown spots on them. I would appreciate any ideas or advice.

I planted them in a bed that is far away from my other Hippeastrum, so if they are diseased there is a good chance it won't spread to the others.



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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Sounds like it could be fungus called "Red Blotch". Look it up in our FAQ..mites cause little red bumps. Actually, anything that damages the bulbs and leaves results in "red". Even on the roots!
Good luck. If you determine it to be red blotch (a photo posted to the site would be helpful) a fungicide will take care of it. It won't make the red go away on parts that currently have it, but it will stop further damage.

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Thanks, I am going to try a fungicide.
Do fungal infections also cause the short flower stalks?

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Your Hippeastrum is infected from bulb scale mites Steneotarsonemus laticeps 0.2 mm, almost invisble to the bare eye. Living between the scales. The red blotch is but a secondary (super)infection through Stagonospora curtisii.
Mites can be treated using Dimethoate (preparations come in a lot of brands like Rogor, Roxion, all these Dimethoate at 400 g/L in Cyclohexanon) that should be used at upto 3 mL/L. Spray thoroughly into the heart (between the leaves) and onto the bulb (the spray should soak the cavities between the outer scales) and onto the substrate (soaking the substrate but superficially not thoroughly) and repeat at least once after 2 weks. Use only freshly prepared solutions. But, it is generally not worth the efforts, for cultivars that can be replaced.

I have repeatedly reported about the impact of this mite, since 2005. Surprisingly, the echo is little, and I am inclined to summarize, that the auditory is inclined to keep STUKK in denial *fatal LOL*.
All-the-more, I appreciate, that Veronica Read HAD dedicated a BIG chapter in her BOOK, namely to this little VARMINT, that this had even wiped out - an incident occurring in 2002 if I remember correctly - a whole EXPOSITION, when it turned out, that the bulbs being forced for that VERY event where all infected with bulb scale mites ugh.

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Thanks! I think you are right! The mite explains the distorted flowers AND the streaks on the leaves. I think I will just get rid of the bulbs-I don't want to risk it spreading to my other plants.

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