Pitcher plants - Sarracenia indoors?

mangledmind(AZ 9B)July 2, 2010

Anyone have any advice they wanna offer up for keeping pitcher plants alive indoors? Besides keep the windows and doors open to attract flies lol :)

Possibly cricket feeding or something similar?

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You can feed them houseflies, small crickets and the like.

They probably do best in a controlled moist environment and not exposed to the dry air.

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Pitcher plants do not need to be fed bugs to thrive.. I own 4 Sarracenia's, about 10+ Nepenthes and a handful of sundew plants. I only feed them bugs when i find one in my house wandering around, like a spider or cricket..

Put them on the windowsill with the most sunlight, water with RO or Distilled water ONLY! Tap water will kill them.

Sarr's do like it moist, but you don't need to constantly keep them in standing water, the sundews I have are constantly in standing water but sarrs grow good if you thoroughly soak them once a week or so..

I have all of my carnivorous plants pots inside Tupperware type bowls so that when i do water every week the excess can get absorbed back into the soil.. but I never overwater too much to prevent them from getting root rot..(the sundews are a different story as they love to be sitting in constant water)

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