Red Flash

jstropicMay 25, 2014

This is Red Flash. This is one in your face flower whose vibrant color never faded. Seriously healthy, One of the few Komoriya bulbs that started growing immediately, had to repot twice because of the number of offsets and roots (now in 3 gallon pot). Then these incredible flowers, and pollen and stigma - then it set seeds - which are growing happily! -- And it was added to an order because it was inexpensive and I didn't want to spend $20 shipping one bulb - a definite success story as I love this bulb :)


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So lovely!

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I don't remember seeing that one, it's very pretty!! Was it listed as Red Flash (which I don't remember) or was it listed under a Japanese name? If you could post a few more pictures of it I know I for one would appreciate it.âºâº


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Here you go Donna,

Oh and the flowers opened sequentially so I got to enjoy them for a longer time.

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