planting near creosote

zzini(Sunset 13)July 18, 2010

Can other plants become established near creosote or is the natural herbicide it puts out too much for any plants?

I was thinking about getting some 1-gal fairydusters or penstemons to plant in the vicinity of some of my large (8-10 ft tall) creosote bushes for a little pizzaz in the front yard. I probably wouldn't have them any closer than, say 4-5 feet away - I felt like the creosote would offer some good afternoon shade and help them get established.

Of course, I'm just pre-planning - I'm not planting anything until late Sept or early Oct! :-)


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Creosote is not all that toxic to surrounding plants. I have things growing up in their shade a lot.

The real reason for the barren ground around creosotes is that they don't need much water and can out-compete anything else.

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