Are these really Scorpion repellants?

nriqueJuly 15, 2007

I thought I saw an article in the Arizona Republic a couple days ago about how scorpions hate lavender (the plant, not the color)and also dislike citrus fruit.

Before I have my yard looking like the south of France, have you heard about this or found lavender to be effective in keeping the scorpions away?

I'm posting this on the swest forum as well.

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I can't say about the lavender, but I've found them in and around our citrus trees. So take that for what it's worth. They are tough resilient little buggers and we treat for them regularly by controlling the bugs that are their food source, like crickets and roaches. We use diatomaceous earth and boric acid crystals in the cracks and crevasses along the walls, rocks and foundation slab. This cuts into their hard skin and they will dry out and die. You can treat your yard and it will help keep them under control, but if your neighbors donÂt treat their homes, your just making room for the next batch to move in!

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gemfire(z9/10 AZ)

I agree with jkochan. A few years ago they cleared an orange grove near us to build new houses. I heard a lot of complaints about the scorpions coming from there. I have lots of geckos in my yard and they keep the bugs, crickets, etc population down. I've been at this house for 11 years and not seen one scorpion.


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greenlust(z9 Phx,AZ)

Lavender oil is good for cuts/burns maybe scorpion bites. :) Scorpions can go without food for months. They like dark/damp places, so they like to crawl under rocks, wood pile, under junk. They are very active at night during summer. Scorpions eat other scorpions.

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Our yard is absoulty filled with scorpions but we have a huge 4 foot tall lavender plant and the scorpions seem to stay at least 10 feet away from it. the best way to get rid of the scorpions though is to get rid of crickets and roaches.

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The University of Arizona has a great publication on scorpions. The information is research-based and non-biased (they aren't trying to sell you something).

Here is a link that might be useful: Scorpions and Control Methods

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I lived in Phoenix for fifteen years and only saw a wild scorpion once, in a bale of hay.

Wish I had never seen a roach!

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I had a huge problem with scorpions in and around my home in C.V. Arizona about seven years ago. I heard Lavender would work but i couldn't find any at nurseries in that area. I tried planting seeds with no luck and the next spring found one half dead plant in and old main street garden center. I had stepped on a scorpion a month before and was determined to not have that happen again, so I bought it and once I had planted it in a patio pot, I stopped seeing any scorpions, even at night with a black light. Before that we were seeing about nine every night. I began to plant new starts from the mother plant which was very healthy after the first season, and planted all around our lot. I have not had any trouble with scorpions since in all these years and I tell friends about it. Now I can find small lavender plants at all Arizona nurseries and Wallmart, Home depot,etc. I guess the word got around.

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Lavender plants may work for some but I have them and still have scorpions ocasionally. I find them mostly in the swimming pool dead. I have found the only thing that really gets rid of them is to get rid of all the other critters. I also dust with diatomaceous earth. I also live in CV and I may get rid of them in my yard but most of my neigbors don't do anything about the bugs so I will always have issues.

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