Opinions needed: Is my Bamboo Dead?

joefalco(z8 MB SC)July 11, 2005

I had some bamboo I got from a dig. Within the last few weeks all the leaves are gone and it looks really bad.

I had 2 pieces from this dig one from last year that I thought was totally dead and since sprouted leaves and the BIG piece that now lost all leaves.

The smaller piece was in a pot for 6 months before planting in the ground and the other larger piece was dug and planted in the ground immediately. The strange thing is they both lost leaves at the same time.

Im not sure what environmental factor may have caused this. I am also not sure what type of bamboo it is. See Pics that were taken at the time of the dig..



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If the culms are still green, then there's still hope. Keep the soil moist but not overly wet. I think that being at the hottest time of the year, may cause some of the leaf loss, and it is probably growing rhizomes and new roots under the ground.

Here, when it gets really dry, even with daily watering, some bamboos lose a lot of leaves, they then come back after a few days of soaking rain.


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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

I can identify one of the upright objects as a lamp post, but that's about it. I'm afraid that there's not enough detail to figure out what kind of bamboo that is.

If it's any comfort, I have had the same experience when digging several kinds of bamboo: big divisions...looked fine for a while...then lost most/all of the foliage. The good news is they often rise from the dead. I had one that was about 15' feet high and gorgeous, that lost all but three leaves in 2 days. The culms also lost some of their green, but I just kept pretending they were alive and watering. In the last week I've noticed tiny buds forming on all the branches and it's even putting up shoots. Have you had any high heat days lately? If a bamboo is firmly established in the ground, it usually gives warning signs (like curled leaves) that it's stressed. My half-baked theory is that there is much less evidence of stress in a plant that's not yet well-established before it gets damaged.

Whatever you do, don't give up. Even if the culms do croak, you may get some new shoots this year or next. And please provide an update in a month or two.

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joefalco(z8 MB SC)

High Heat DAYS? Yeah you can say that it's been extremely hot and humid here for the last 3 weeks.

I'll keep watering and hoping. The small piece I thought was totally dead before and then sprouted leaves now all it's leaves are gone.

I hope they are alive there is little green on the culms on the big piece and the small piece is almost all yellow.

I will definately keep the group posted..

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give it some time...wait till next spring and see if it don't send up shoots....
bamboo 3 year rule

i planted some moso and all leaves turned brown yet it

sent up new culms and is doing great....

i want to go dig up some bamboo now but its the wrong time to do that..ill wait till sept when its threw growing for this year....only time ill dig up bamboo now is that ill never get another chance ..its now or never thing..

Here is a link that might be useful: East Coast Bamboo Group

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How did they turn out? I just planted some myself that I dug up on the side of the road and am experiencing the same thing.

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joefalco(z8 MB SC)

They were dead...

Good luck with yours

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