can I pot these and move them

andyandy(6bMI)August 15, 2012

I'm looking for some insight. Those are Musa bajsoo you see behind my bealutiful children. I am moving this weekend and I am wondering how one of them might do if I dug it up and planted it in the pot you see. I am moving into a condo so I cant put plants in the ground but I am big palm tree fan so I have number of large pots. I have no idea how many gallons the pot is (perhaps 50) In addition my the ceiling in the living room in my new place is 20 feet so in theory I could move it inside before the first frost. I'm also wondering that if I can do that if I shouldn't get a type of banana that would produde edible fruit. Please let me know your thoughts

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blownz281(coastal zone 8b)

Pot should be fine,but have no idea how Basjoo will fair inside. Never came across anyone keeping one inside. Well draining soil!

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

shouldnt be a problem at all. they will just slow down like all bananas. When you dig them up be sure you get a good portion of corm and roots. Also be very careful about watering. With how prolific in pupping and cold tolerant the basjoo is I wouldnt mess with keeping one in a pot if that was my only option. Id save the time money and effort for one that might give me something to eat. Especially if you have the high ceilings.
also You may want to get a dwarf type that produces good fruit, dwarf cavendish is one that is easy to obtain.


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I think in the winter here in michigan you'll see them not do much and probably lose some leaves. At least that's what happened to mine last winter, although i think i might have over watered. I say you dig them up and send them over to me over here on the west side and i'll give them a great home. :-)

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