Giant Uknown Fuzzy Canadian Bee, DANGER!

EnnEss(sw BC)August 15, 2005

Ok,so im in the water,and this CRAZY GIANT FUZZY BEE explodes onto the scene. Ever since that moment i wanted to know what kind of bee it is. It was like an inch across and round,like a bumble bee but GIANT AND FUZZY. It also had like a red line down its back. Anyone have any ideas what kind of bee it is? I drew a picture and here is the link. I tried searching google and i found lots of bees but not this one. And oh, it attacked me, i was very extremely lucky to be immersed in the lake already. I was forced to submerge for many seconds before it went away. Exscuse my foreign diction,I am canadian and we sound funny. But we still have crazy fuzzy bees.

just in case this forum supports hot links im trying this to.


Image link:

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EnnEss(sw BC)

ANYONE?!?!?!?!?!? This is a life and death situation.

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It looks some type of fly to me, but just a guess.

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