Attracting Bees

grittymitts(7/8)January 28, 2005

Concerned that bee population is dwindling, I'd like to attract bees, tho' not looking to "keep" them. I put pebbles in sections of birdbaths so the can drink w/out getting wings wet, have flowers, blooming shrubs, etc... are there other things I should do to attract them?

Thanks from a lurky lou.


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I live and keep bees in ft. worth. If you want to see a feeding frenzy put out a bowl of diluted sugar water for the bees. Keep this bowl well away from people and pets. Potentially, bees from several hives will visit your sugar water until it is gone. The mix is easily made by boiling water then adding sugar. I use a 1 cup water to 1 cup sugar formula. Good luck. Mike

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beefiend(z6 OH-USA)

You can plant flowers that bees like. Lists are available from your local beekeepers club that will do well in your area. You probably want to plant them in places where bee traffic won't interfere with other activities.

Another important thing would be to avoid applying insecticides unnecessarily and to avoid treating near bee nests and flowers when in bloom. If you do need to use insecticides, some are much less toxic to bees than others.

Some types of bees, other than honey bees, nest in the ground or in cavities in wood, like abandoned beetle burrows.

Here is a link that might be useful: USDA Bee Biology Lab, bee plant list

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I planted borage (super easy to grow) and mustard (which I let flower) - last year and it was bee heaven!!!!!!!!! I never use pesticides.

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