Tropical storm protection

snc299August 31, 2006

I have 21 banana plants in the ground, they all are first year plants, ranging from 5' to 11', all are doing great....My question is what would be the best thing to do to protect them from the strong winds....It looks like Ernesto will come right over the top of me, I live in SE North Carolina. Winds in the storm now is 60mph and gaining strength.

Would I be better off to cut some of the leaves off, as I plant to overwinter most....Or should I let nature takes it's course. I don't want them to break at the bottom.

Thanks....David SE...NC.........

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joefalco(z8 MB SC)

Where are you located? I am in Little River SC and we just had Earnesto pass by, Not too much damage but my banana leaves are shredded. I'm not sure there was much I could do?

Maybe if you are close we can trade some plants..

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Not much damage here in Charleston. I was worried that I might lose my bunches of orinocos.

No damage to the Orinoco bunches.

New leaves never never even shredded much

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Hello Joe Falco,

I let mother nature take it's course, Ernesto came right over the top of me. I had a wind gust of 49mph, but the damage to my plants was not too bad. I had just several broken leaves, and yes my leaves were shredded also, but not all.

You are in Little River, My sister lives in Little River, and I grew up at the beach. I grew up in Crescent Beach, now N Myrtle Beach. When I retired I moved back to the beach, but grew tired of all the traffic. Bought a couple of acres out in the country, and loving every minute of it. I am located in a little small town called Beulaville, approximately 45 miles north of Wilmington.

I don't have any plants to trade this year, a nursery is buying 35, I will have a hard time coming up with 35....But there is a possibility I will have some extras, pups are popping up almost daily. If not, I will have plenty next year....I will keep in touch.....Do you have Angel Trumpets, I have around 100 in the ground and in planters....I want have that many next year, they have worked me to death trying to water them..

Take care, keep in touch....


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Usually when a storm blows through it will just shred the leaves of the bananas. And ones heavy with bunches have a tendency to go down.
As we have frequent tropical action here when something is headed for us I harvest the bunches of bananas if possible, otherwise I don't do anything to the plants. Several were toppled last year with Rita but came back w/lots of pups.
Good luck!
Hope the roof holds.

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beachbarbie(z9a/8b NC)

I live in Kure Beach, NC (15 miles south of Wilmington) and did haveone stalk come down. The plant is in my front yard and nothing around to protect it. The plant next to my house, with 2 bunches - no damamge other than shredded leaves.
I don't know how strong the storm was when it passed over, do you David?
I did bring in all my hibiscus and it was kinda strange to see them after the storm back in the garden, all very thirsty right after all that rain! At least I collected a LOT of rain water.

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joefalco(z8 MB SC)


I don't have any angels trumpet but would love to have some, Is it too late to plant now before winter and get established.

I do have some white moon flower that I got new this year that has done great, but I would love angels trumpet.

Beachbarbie, I was just in Kure beach a month ago visiting, I really like it there alot. Maybe we could keep in touch and do some plant trading too. I really prefer to trade with local people if I can espically if I can drive there rather than using the PO.

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joefalco(z8 MB SC)


I am fairly new to bananas 2 years now. I was wondering do you need to do anything special to get your bananas to fruit? I have a supposed dwarf oranico purchased from walmart and I was wondering if I have a chance of ever getting fruit?

I also have a tiny ice cream and apple I bought from Ebay they look pittyfull, but I am hoping they will establish themselves and live. I heard the ice cream is fairly easy to get to fruit...

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When Charlie came through here in '03 (90+ mph winds at my place) bananas were some of the first things to go. The one that weren't snapped in two, were crushed by falling trees. 3 years later and it's af if it never happened. how'd you make out?...Z

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I just fertilized them.

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Joe Falco,

It's too late to plant Angel Trumpets in the ground this year, but if you will e-mail me at I will give you a Xmas present. I will be going to Little River for Xmas, I will leave some potted plants with my sister. They have a business in Little River, you can pick them up there....Give me your e-mail address I will send you some pictures that was just taken, one pink one with over 100 big blooms.....If I knew how to post them here I would....LOL...

I sure won't plant as many Brugs next year, they worked me to death trying to keep them watered. They do best in morning sun with afternoon shade, if planted in full sun they have to be watered a couple times a day.

Back to bananas.....I was wondering if this would work....I have 21 in the ground, from 5' to 11'....I was thinking about digging them up, root ball and all and placing the root ball in a large plastic bag.....Cut all the leaves off, and store in a storage building where the temperature will not get below 35 degrees......If this would work, would they need water over the winter....

To the sweet lady in Kure Beach, you asked has strong the tropical storm was...I had a wind gust of 49mph, but got just a little under 13 inches of rain. If you have been watching the weather channel this week, and saw all the flooding in Duplin county NC, I live jsut a few miles from there.

David SNC

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