First Fruit

frankallenAugust 17, 2006

Here is a Photo of my first Banana Fruit! It's a Tall "Orinoco" ! Finally :)....also thanks to "oppalm" for directing me on how to post a Photo!

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chena(z8 Texas)

WOW!!!! Congrtas!!! That is awsome... I hope you will continue to post progress pics...

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I have banana fuiting envy. Hopefully someday my bananas will grow up and produce fruit. How old is that banana plant and what kind of plant is it?

I imagine you dig your plants up in the winter and store inside. Do you allow it to go dormant while storing or do you pot it up and try to keep it growing during winter.

Oh, btw, nice pic. you are a fast learner and poster.

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These are "Tall Orinoco" Bananas...Yes, I dug them up around Nov. 10 Last year and stored them in my outside Bldg. and re-planted them around April 10 of this year. I dug them up cut all the leaves off and put each one in a Wal-Mart plastic bag,(the root ball) and stored them and yes, they do go Dormant!! No water, no nothing. There is a Freezer and a Refrigerator in the Bldg. so I guess they put off just enough heat to keep them from freezing. Plus the Bldg. is well Insulated. Hope this helps!!

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