Vacated Hive

hyrasol(CA9)January 16, 2005

I became the adoptive mother of a hive of bees when they moved in to a wall in my house (uninvited) this summer. I knew I needed to evict them but did not want to kill or harm them in doing so. Resources for this are seemingly non-existent in my area Northern California, East Bay Area and so the months passed while I tried to decide what to do. I know it's going to cost a pretty penny to get them to a new home and get my wall re-sealed but that's life the problem is that I can't find anyone to to the job. I called the one person in my vecinity who supposedly did this type of work back in Sept. I left messages and never got a return call. This last Friday I was out in that part of the yard and noticed the hive appeared deserted. There are no live bees present and there is no hum. Are they gone? What would cause them to just leave like that? And, most importantly, is my problem solved? Anyone who can give me some insight, please do!

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Sometimes bees will obscond or leave a hive. Usually this is because they have found the hive unsuitable (to hot a location, etc.) But it is more likely the hive simply died out due to mites or other disease.

I would bet given their short stay, and their demise that they didn't leave much (if any) honey in the wall so it can just be sealed up. If you are unsure, screen the opening (so bees can no longer get in our out), wait several months and see if you get a fermented/beer smell. If you do, then you will need to open up the wall and remove the honey.

I would guess you are in the clear though.

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I agree w/ tarheit's comments posted 1/16/05. I would add that if the honeycomb is located near a heat source (chimney); you keep a close watch for any "spotting" of melting wax on walls, etc. If you see "spotting" take care of it ASAP.

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