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ccarrollJuly 7, 2014

This isn't precisely about gardens, but it relates specifically to Arizona, so I thought I might try my luck. I have a foam roof in Phoenix, and the first time I had to deal with it (after dumping a guy who was trying to scam me on the previous warranty), since I was totally ignorant, I did tons or research, not only getting multiple bids, but even talking to the company that manufactures the foam. I ended up with a company that I liked a lot called Star, a reasonable price, a thicker-than-usual coating.

I'm a little uneasy because I'm past the warranty expiration, with no extra money to spend. But when I've called my roofer occasionally to have him check on the condition, and if necessary ask if I should do the equivalent of a touch-up, he's saying that it's probably fine, no knowing for sure, but that next time around, it'll be time to start from scratch with a whole new roof.

I wondered if any of you have experience with this. I suppose I'm uneasily wondering if he's telling me not to worry just because he prefers the big payoff of an overall job. I'm not crazy about the prospect of sitting around waiting until there's an actual leak.

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Don't know how long your foam roof has been down but with some routine maintenance they will last a long time. A quality elastomeric coating applied periodically will keep everything sealed up and help protect the foam from UV damage. If your roofer is not trying to sell you a new foam application, you're most likely ok and he is an honest example of the trade. You might want to ask him about an elastomeric top coat to help extend the life of the roof. If you know the brand of the foam he applied or even if you don't you can always do a general search for foam roof maintenance to get a general feel for what to expect.

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Thank you for your reply - but now I realize I'm confused. It's been so long that I don't remember whether my initial deal was for the foam or the coating. The coating, I think. I have a coating that's slightly thicker than the norm. But by now, several years out, getting some blisters. I was asking about getting the elastomeric patched or re-done, and he's saying to just wait (presumably wait until it leaks) and then get a whole new roof, for god knows how many thousands of dollars that I don't have. When I asked how the roof looked, he shrugged that it could last another few years - or could spring a leak tomorrow.

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Time to get another opinion. Kyko and Lyons have fairly good reputations... but just about every company has made someone unhappy. The truth floats closer to the surface when you get when you get multiple viewpoints.

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