Moso Planting - A few questions

masterpooyanAugust 29, 2007

I will be planting some Moso clumps that I ordered online and I wanted to know if anyone could answer a few questions.

The plants are fairly small-- I think 1 gallon pot size. I will be planting them in a greenbelt area about 75 feet from a small creek. The soil stays fairly moist throughout the year.

-How much trouble will the Moso have if there is already wild grass and weeds around the planting area?

-The area has some wild rabbits and birds around. Should I put a wire mesh around the plants to protect them while they are small?

-Will the Moso have any problems with the root structure of a nearby tree? (Willow, approximately 8 feet away)

-What is the best type of mulch to put around the plants?

-Any specific recommendations for potting soil type and plant food?

Thanks, I will probably put up pictures when I get the plants.

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Small Moso plants like shade especially during the hot Texas mid-day sun. I found that out the hard way.

I now have some growing under trees(live oaks and poplars) and it is doing fine.

Red mulch is supposed to be very beneficial but I haven't tried it long enough to know for sure.

Unless the soil is really poor, I wouldn't fertilize until it gets established or at least some size to it(after the first growing season).

I have rabbits and deer. Neither has ever bothered any of my bamboo. I have heard others say that rabbits will eat the new shoots in the Spring though.

Wild grass will be no competition or problem for the Moso, unless it gets very dry, in which you will have to water anyway. Keep moist during it's first season.

I would recommend keeping at least one plant in a larger pot(25 gallon) and giving it a chance to get some size before planting in the ground.

Moso has been very slow to reach large size here in Texas, but it is a very beautiful bamboo and worthy of planting.

Good Luck


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webgator(9 FL)

Moso likes lots of water, so having it near a creek will be good in my opinion. It will have no problem competing with any of the surrounding plants once established.

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I ended up getting two small Moso clumps and planting them about ten days ago.

I've been watering them every morning (unless it rains the previous day).

I have to admit they don't look too healthy but I knew this wasn't the best time of year to plant them. I'm hoping they make it.

Thanks for the advice so far, and please let me know if you have any other suggestions.

Here is one of them:

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Nice Moso seedling. I've found this bamboo easy to grow from seed and have a dozen or so growing now. They will be grown in the house over the winter. I'll plant them out next summer. They grow VERY fast. Here in Pennsylvania we get some very cold temps, so we will see if the ones planted out this year will winter over. Beautiful plant.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

If you have any squirrels, they may eat the new shoots. If you go out during shooting season and see new shoots gnawed off to the ground, then it will we time to put a wire cage around the base until new shoots can harden off.

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Here is the same planting after 9 months.

It put up some new shoots in March. I make sure it gets water nearly every day, but the leaves seem to be staying a yellow-green.

I haven't used any fertilizer except for a little steer manure compost when I added some more mulch in the Spring.

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How much sun does it get? I planted my first Moso in too much direct sunlight and it turned very yellow and didn't grow hardly at all.

They need shade as younger plants. They do fine under live oaks:)


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shinola01(z9 Melbourne FL)

I'm confused....

I just bought some seeds for Moso (P. Pubescens) on EBAY and it said runner, are these clumping? Is the common name used for more than one varienty?

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I've been meaning to post a question on this very subject, regarding the newly planted Moso needing shade. How much shade are we talking about? I'm in the Sacramento valley foothills area, we get hot dry summers. On my property, the shady areas are currently near the property lines, not a good place for Moso. Can I grow it in a half barrel in shade until is sizes up some, then move to full sun/late afternoon shade? When you say shade, all day, after noon, after 2, any specifics would be very helpful. And, what happens if it is planted in full sun when young?

Also, regarding the gopher warning, how do you protect a new planting from gophers? I'm thinking a wire cage type thing made from chicken wire wrapped around the root ball at time of planting? I'm sure the rhizomes when growing would just go through the wire?

Thank you, I'm so glad I found this forum, its a wealth of information. 1 more thing.. why is boo so addicting...

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Here, dappled sun/shade is best. Too much sun on a young small Moso will kill it.

Morning and evening sun would probably be best but not the midday direct intense sunlight.

Planting in half barrels would give it time to size up but I think it might even need to be larger before it can take more sun.

Gophers don't bother any of my boos here. I've been told though, that the chicken wire idea works great.

Bamboo addiction?...give it time and you'll know the answer.

BGA - 'Bamboo Growers Anonymous' is very helpful for bamboo Addicts.


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It is getting a lot of sun. I planted 'Globe Willows' about 10 feet on both sides of the bamboo about a year ago. Judging by the growth rate of those, I believe they will give the Moso some significant shade by next summer.

I just want to get the bamboo through this summer without it getting cooked too much. We've had some really hot, dry and windy weather that hasn't been easy on some of the plants around here.

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