This year's Outdoor Banana pics, zone 4

arctictropical(Z4)August 23, 2009

They're doing well, except for the torn leaves because of strong winds.

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Are those trees directly to the North? I can only imagine what it is like to garden in unobstructed sunlight every day. This year I daydream about it. I suspect that the apparent loss of red coloring on the leaf undersides of what appears to be ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii' was caused by all that sunlight.

What is the species name of those colocasia (elephant ears) with the leaves that point up?

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These have a south facing exposure, with shade from trees during the afternoon on the west. We get a lot of sunlight in northern Utah, so I suppose the 'Maurelii' do loose some of their reddish color. I'm suprised you noticed the upright elephant ears. I beleive the variety is "portadora" or something like that. I bought them from "Plant Delights" on-line nusery.

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