Banana Seeds Of Any Kind and Type

m6a6r6ie(ZONE 4)August 18, 2009


I'm looking for some banana seeds of any kind and type.

With instruction on how to grow them.

I can pay for postage as long as its not a whole lot.

Can anyone help me...

My e-mail address is:

Please let me know..


I will also trade one Burmese Blue plant for 4 diffent types of banana seeds with instruction on how to grow.

For each diffent type of seed you must send 8-10 seeds.

One per person,per address and must have 4 different types of banana seeds for this trade too work....

I can do this trade up to 3 times but not all at once so ACT NOW to get into a great DEAL.

This is a limited time DEAL,once it gets cold out the shipping will be more in order to keep the plant from freezing.

To anyone interested please let me know so I can repot one and get it ready to be sent out.

This is only for shipping in the USA.

Other wise I can't make this work.

I would like to get dwart plant seeds but It's ok if not...

After I hear from you,I will repot 1 and in about 3-4 weeks or sooner I will let you know when is ready to be mailed out.

So I will need your mailing address.

So you will know when to send your seeds out.

IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND PLEASE E-MAIL RIGHT AWAY in 1-2 weeks after your first e-mail too me...

So I can move on to the next person on my list..



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