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newbee_writerJanuary 27, 2008


first time, here. i am a writer working on something for a client related to planting bee-friendly plants/flowers. i was wondering if anyone here could tell me the reasons why bees are attracted to the following, and what benefit they have for the bees (be it the nectar, pollen, shelter?, creates better honey, best nutrients for hive, blah). the client is suggesting these plants for bee-friendly gardens. i have found many lists where these plants were found, but nowhere could i find the rationale (a rose or sunflower i understand the appeal, the ivy i'm stumped).

anyway, a lot to ask from a first-timer, but you folks really seem to know what you're talking about! thanks in advance for your time and information. the plants are:

flowering almond, english ivy, rose, rosemary, lavender, sunflower

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from the book plants and beekeeping (British Isles)

rosemary,lavender,flowering almond -nectar
sunflower,rose - pollen
english ivy - both

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