Could these be Amaryllis?

LantanaLove(9 - Riverside, CA)May 18, 2014

I posted this same picture to the Name That Plant forum, but I was hoping that there would be some experts here that could tell me if these were, indeed, Amaryllis plants. I've only lived here for 9 months, so I haven't gotten to see this particular plant bloom. I had assumed that the giant clump on the side of the house were daylilies, so I dug it up, divided it and transplanted roughly 20 new 'lilies'. Now, I'm thinking they might be amaryllis.
The bulbs have layers that can be peeled with thick, tuberous roots, the foliage is shaped like a flat fan and the only transplants that survived were the ones planted with their necks sticking out. Every plant that had it's bulb at or below the soil rotted and died.
If these are amaryllis, when can I expect them to bloom? Did dividing and transplanting them shock them enough to keep them from blooming this year?

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Yes. It Amaryllis belladonna.
No, better to not disturbed them.

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LantanaLove(9 - Riverside, CA)

I just looked into amaryllis belladonna and it seems as if the foliage disappears, then a flower stalk emerges and it blooms - is this correct? If so, I'm not sure this is a belladonna. The plant has had it's leaves since at least August, so I can't imagine it's that particular species...

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