Musa Basjoo leaf browning

pyratejim(6b)August 8, 2007

I picked up a Musa Basjoo at my local nursery about 6 weeks ago and it has several suckers. My concern is that as the new leaves emerge and unwrap, they are turning a brown and dying off. This includes new leaves on the suckers. Some of the leaves are turning brown even before they unwrap. Any ideas on what I am missing out on or not doing?

I still have it in the planter it came from and am wanting to plant it outside, permamently, but would like to get this under control first.

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I would get it in the ground ASAP, be sure and amend the soil you are planting it in. You are running out of time in zone 6b to get this Musa started before the cold sets in. Be sure and give it water everyday for the first week or two pending on your weather.

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