bamboo and rodent hole

mike9August 18, 2009

I cleared a large area by the treeline, mostly of poision ivy. I sprayed roundup then pulled the vines, and of course not wearing enough protection for my wrists, ankles, face waist etc. I then raked away the leaf litter and moved a pile of big sandstone rocks back 10 feet and stacked them in a low wall and then planted 4 one gallon Sasa Oshidensis bamboo. Theyve already sent up several shoots.

Last week i found the leaves on one of my small bamboo plants covered with slugs, 2 large slugs and a dozen teeny ones. I picked and killed them then several more the next night and threw down som bug getta granuals.

Today i saw some kids run between the plants stand on the stone wall then run around and chase each other. I checked and one of the plants had a few small shoots crushed.Ugh!!

While inspecting that plant i found a clean, deep, 1" diamter hole right on the other side of that plant.

In previus years ive seen chipmunks running threw the yard, I dont remember ever seing any other non-squirrel rodents around so a chipmunk would be my first guess.

Will it damage my bamboo? If it will what should i do?

I live in CT

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hole in the ground, in case that wasnt clear lol.

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I just checked closer and found theres a hole next to a second bamboo plant, and a leaf on the third plant was nibbled. my guess is animals were curius aboout a plant they never seen before.

Do rodents eat the rhizomes? I filled the holes in, If they come back im putting poision down that hole or placing traps.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

One of the problem critters you need to worry about is voles...they seem to love to eat the roots of bamboo. I can't tell from your description what critter(s) you are dealing with, but voles can effectively kill a bamboo from below and you don't usually know it until it's too late. It might be time to set out some traps. (I'd worry about using rodenticide with kids around).

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