Need help quick- indoor bamboo and cat

diane_pa(ne Pa)August 20, 2005

I have a small bamboo plant that my cat considers a snack. Is it poisonous for her to nibble on?? If it is I'll have to get rid of it because there is no place in my home that she can't get to it.

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unautre(8B San Antonio TX)

Never heard that bamboo is toxic.

Spray it with "Garden-Safe" brand 3-n-1 neem oil, or other neem oil product.
Should keep keep the cat and other harmful flora/fauna away from it.

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Could it be the "lucky Bamboo" plant you are talking about or is it the actual bamboo. i.e bamboo grows in soil, not water and rocks, has branches off the culms not leaves....lucky bamboo often falls into this forum because of advertising and such. Just a bit of FYI....


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brucelofland(5b KS)

When I want to keep my cats away from something I keep a squirt bottle of water nearby. When I catch one of them in the act, one quick squirt is all it takes to deter them. A few times and they learn to stay away and you never have to worry about it again. Of course, it isn't harmful to the cats either.

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Keeping cats away from bamboo can be difficult. A number of ours love to eat it.

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Bamboo is just a large grass. Cats eat grass. I don't think it will hurt them. I've read that bamboo is excellent for feeding to cows and zoo elephants and the like. But your kittie is quite a different animal.

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The answer is not that simple. It depends on what type of bamboo you have. Some bamboos develop toxins called fenrons when they are grown indoors. This occurs due to an inability of the plant to process deoxy-fenron without sunlight. The resultant toxin is highly toxic particularly to indoor cats, as they too are unable to completely break down the morphonucleotides into nucleomorphotides without sunlight. An outdoor cat eating indoor bamboo would be just fine, as would an indoor cat eating outdoor bamboo, but when you have a mismatch such as the one you describe, the results can be tragic. If/when the cat dies, be sure to only handle the corpse with non-latex gloves as the body will continue to give off aromatic toxins knowns felinus toxin #a-1G, which may react with latex. The same would be true for latex condoms.

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oh no...hahaha...growing bamboo, a sense of humor helps sometimes!

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I actually read that Dracaena Sanderiana Most often referred to as "Lucky Bamboo" or Dragon Plant/Tree is actually not a species of Bamboo at all & is in the Lily family!! Anyone who has cats should know that Lilies are highly fatal to cats. I have had a Dracaena plant in my home with my cats for approx 2 years & they dont ever try to bother it thank god, but now that I know this I have moved it just incase. I also provided a list I found helpfull to me about any plants harmfull to cats. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plants/Flowers Harmfull to cats

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