Has anyone tried growing Stephanotis vines in PHX?

CSemerad(8b PHX)July 30, 2005

I am captivated by Stephanotis, and would love to try growing it here in QC, specifically near our north facing front door that gets full sun. Anyone have any experience with this vine? Would it do better in another area? We also have the east facing sideyard, morning sun; north facing backyard, full sun. Part of the frontyard also is partial shade, from 1 or 2pm on.

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judy_b(AZ zone 9)

I had one last year in a pot on my north-facing patio. It was doing alright, I thought. It died and I think it was because of the wet season we had. It wouldn't have minded in warm weather but cold and wet (the pot retained more water than I expected) rotted it.

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Judy and I had talked about this before. I saw one at HD recently. Could not help myself. Right now it is on my north facing patio..facing inside. So far seems to be ok.

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Pagancat(Phoenix, AZ)

They're also being sold at yuccado dot com.

Pagancat, the enabler

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I brought two stephanotis vines with me when I relocated to Arizona from Michigan by way of Alabama. One which is approximately 15 years old the other approximately 10 years old. I arrived here mid November and they have stayed outside from that point on. Currently one is on the north facing wall the other on the west. Both have stared to bloom again. I have not summered with them yet but I intend to place them on the patio or bring inside during the hottest months. Mine adore 20-20-20 plant food and plenty of it... I use a systemic to prevent the odd bugs I've seen here and in Alabama on them.... And most important mist mist mist them they like the humidity around them, a tray below them with rocks and water may assist in the humidity. Ironite spray if they start having a yellowing hue to the leaves....

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