Need quick suggestion for screen planting

sunbum(Z7 Atl GA)August 25, 2011

I know this is probably a common question, but I searched and didn't come up with just what I was looking for.

I need a screen plant;

-maybe 8 - 12' tall

-as 'skinny' as practical, maybe 4' across (diameter) +/-

-they will be planted along the border of the existing 'wooded' part of our lot, so mostly shaded.

-need to be 'cheap' 'cause I may need 100 or so plants

-prefer something with minimal maintenance requirements

-fast growing would be great

Leylands are the type of thing I'm looking for, but these don't need to be near that big and I'm not sure how Leylands do in the shade.

I love the idea of Bamboo, which would be kind of unique. But, I don't want anything invasive and, again, the shade may be a problem.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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Found this website that might be helpful. I think bamboo would be a great idea, and quick growing compared to some other options. Sounds like they do ok with shade as long as they get a little direct light (not sure if your spot is full shade or partial). You could go with clumping to avoid the problem of invasive bamboo, but it doesn't grow as fast and it's the kind that grows through concrete and pipes and such. Otherwise, you can just dig a trench and put some thick plastic sheeting to make a box for the running kind. Hope this helps or at least points you in a good direction. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Bamboo tips

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

Bamboo would work fine for your purpose, but you don't grow it from seed, usually, so you have to buy divisions, and whole plants can be expensive on the scale you are talking about. A bamboo 6' high in a 5-gallon pot would probably be about $40.

If you want bamboo that you don't have to maintain, then you would go with clumping bamboo, which is not invasive. Contrary to what the previous poster said, bamboo does not invade pipes or break through concrete, and this applies to all kinds of bamboo, both clumping and running. If you have clumping, you don't need any kind of barrier. If you have running and don't want it to be invasive, you need to install bamboo barrier in a trench about 24" deep. Bamboo barrier is a specialty, high-density plastic that is usually 60 to 80 mils thick. Anything less than that, such as black plastic sheeting, will be about as effective as tissue paper.

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