Hippie Seeds for South Africa

mariava7May 4, 2010

Anyone got extra seeds to share?

I am sending some Hippie seeds to South Africa as gifts to our gardening friends there. Unfortunately, I have not produced a lot of seeds last season and this season (so far) as I try to make harder crosses (exotic). 50%-70% of these harder crosses fail. I have had a lot of request for Hippie seeds there but cannot supply much.

Our gardening friends there do not have much varieties. Most of them have the regular red and white. You would think that they would have all of HADECO's varieties but this is not the case. HADECO has a policy of not selling varieties locally that they export specially the newly released ones. They also do not have all these bulb companies that import bulbs from Holland like we do here in USA. They are not picky on which variety or color. Anything coming from your gardens and sent with your hearts will be very highly appreciated.

I am also trying to save some cybister seeds for DIZZY. She would like some if you have any extra ones.

Please contact me for my mailing address if you have any Hippie seeds to share.

Thank you all and Happy Hippie gardening!

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Dear Maria,

I would be very pleased to share some Hippie seeds with our South African gardening friends (and Dizzy too).

I need some time to see what is available. I will email you by tomorrow evening. Meanwhile, would you please let me know how soon you are planning to mail the seeds?



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Hi Blanca!

No hurry dear. I can wait for the seeds if you guys want me to. I know a lot of the Hippies have just woke up and/or still bearing seedpods. We can all agree on a date if you all can give me estimated dates for your harvesting time.

Dizzy actually emailed me like a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I was out of cybister seeds and only had leftovers from last year. I did not want to send her this as they might already have poor germination. You know how these cybisters are. So I emailed her back and told her to wait a while for newly harvested ones if ever.

You will not believe this but the Hippies in the collection are still snoring! Ughhh!!! It's been a too cold winter for them. Another reason why I have no seeds to share yet.

The seeds Laurier sent me are almost gone. I tried to distribute them evenly to the different countries I get to send seeds including within USA. I think they were like 300 plus seeds. So a lot of gardeners all over the world are happily growing his seeds now.

Got some emails already from those who wanted to share their blessings. Thank you all for your quick response and unselfishness. As I always say..."We are only blessed for one reason...to share!"

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Forgot to mention this.

The seeds don't have to me "named" seeds as they will all be mixed up and distributed equally. Names do not matter so much there. Every flower is a beautiful flower for them.

Now of course you will have to name DIZZY's seeds as I will need to seperate this from the SA shipment.

Thank you so much again!

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Hi Maria, Will you post the cut off date here, since I have a few things in bloom now and I can make some crosses, I have Pink Diamond, Estrella, Alfresco and a few other in bloom now and some stored pollen, I would be glad to make crosses and send you all the seeds as I have enough to deal with. If we make crosses within the next few weeks, would that be too late for you? What does it take to mature, about 6 weeks? Would love to contribute, Donna,

By the way 6 or Laurier's seeds have sprouted and are doing very well, I am very excited!! Not to mention 1/2 pound of pollen from Maga Star!!

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Pollinate away Donna!

It does take 6-8 weeks depending on the variety and temps. Make use of Alfresco's pollens. It is a good double pollen donor like Dancing Queen. I'll surely post the shipping date. If the seeds don't make it in the first shipment, there could always be a second or a third or join "100 Seeds For a Heifer" Part II.

Believe me, no seed will go to waste.

Glad Laurier's seeds are doing great. He actually wanted me to plant some of them for myself. As busy as I am now, I'm scared I'd neglect them and kill them. They are better off in your gardens for now. They are precious aren't they?

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mikep_cfl(z9b FL)

I have plenty of seeds from a Forest Fire X self cross. FF is a Maguires' hipp - big Orange. The cross has to be a self because nothing else was blooming!!! They take a full 14 days to germinate using the float method.

Feel free to email me and tell me where to send them.

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Oh Mike! That would be awesome. They will be thrilled if I tell them that some Austarlian varieties are in their seed mix. Thank you so much! I'll email you.

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Dear Maria,

Is it in possibilities that someone from Asian sub-continent could share some of these precious gifts??


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Hello Izhar!

But of course!!! Anybody, anywhere in this world of ours can receive these blessed seeds as long as they will be allowed to enter your country without any accompanying quarantine/phytosanitary permit. As I cannot provide this. Please contact me through "My Page" and send your mailing informations.

These seeds will be mixed so as everybody gets everything and hopefully give you wonderful surprises in 3-4 years time.

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ladyaustin96(z9NPR, FL)

Maria, you have mail!


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Gotcha Kim! Thanks bunches!

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I have some selfs from a spectacular Minerva...shoot me an email with your mailing address. May have others too...Paris selfs and Pasadena selfs.

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Thank you so much Maria, i have send you an email... :)

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Got your email Izhar!

You're most welcome. We are more than glad to share what extras we have instead of hoarding them and eventually killing the seeds. LOL!

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Hello the fellow hippeastrum lovers!!!
I want to start by saying a big thank you to Maria who is always so generous, thoughtful and caring, Thank you.
For those who know me, Yes my Quest for a cybisters continues!!
And for those who don't;
Hi and congratulations on being a part of such a great forum.
My name is Di, I live in Australia and have been a hobbie hippeastrum grower for many years. I absolutely love the Cybister types but am unable to get them here in Australia. I have a few young plants growwing from seeds people from this very forum have kindly given me but would love any spares that you may have.

Many thanks

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I have started preparing pots for them.... :)

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cindeea(FtMyers 10)

((((Maria))) just thinking of YOU and your project over the weekend as I started harvesting some pods. Thought I'd peek in here and I found your post. So far I will have a large cache of common Amis from my circle bed (Red Lions, Apple Bs, Minervas) They will all be in same envelope...no specifics. However, I do have some others that I specially blended for you and I or others interested- Striatum, Jumbo Picotee(thanx Blanca) w/self and X Apple Blossom, Johnsonii x Self, L&L x Johnsonii, Vlammenspel, and your Gilmar has a pod too. Anyway, take what you want for you and send the rest on to those in need. Love ya Girl!!
From 2009-10 Amaryllis

From 2009-10 Amaryllis

From 2009-10 Amaryllis

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I am in awe...

I just received Becky's seeds today. There could have been 200-300 Hippie seeds in that padded envelope from different crosses. I cannot thank you enough Becky. Your seeds would make a lot of gardeners very happy.

And so will everybody's seeds. Named or unnamed. Regular or rare. A single seed could be so appreciated and make a gardener somewhere smile and think of you all who unselfishly shared your blessings as he/she grows it into a beautiful flowering amaryllis.

DIZZY ((((HUGS))) Nice to see you girlfriend and your'e most welcome. I'm just very glad I can be of help. And to all who don't know Dizzy yet, she is our Hippie friend in Australia. She got to spend more time here before till she got her precious baby. I think she has a picture of herself, her partner and a pet monkey (?) in the "Who Are you?" thread. Dizzy is the one who is requesting cybister seeds as they do not have these cybisters available there in AU. I got you some here already Dizzy but I'll wait for other's seeds and then I'll ship them all out.

Would you be willing to be Australia's "mentor" for these Hippie seeds by the way? I am thinking of shipping one or two shipments there to one address and the mentor will reship to other AU recipients. Of course, I will ask the recepients if they can pay you back the postal cost. If not I can also ask one of my AU gardening friends to do this. Does postal cost within AU for a small envelope cost much?

This is also my plan in South Africa. Get a South African mentor for the Hippeastrum seeds to distribute them there.

IZHAR...LOL! Hold on for a while. I will be sending these seeds Regular International Mail as I cannot afford the Express mail cost. I have sent seeds and bulbs to Pakistan before and it took like 3 weeks. So please be patient for your seeds. I will email you with the Customs Form # once I get to mail them out.

Anybody else who are interested in receiving these seeds, please just contact me. These seeds are for EVERYBODY!!!

Thank you, thank you so much to everybody!!!!

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..oh i must admit, growing Hippiz from seed is a game of patience and i have to show some...

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Hi Maria,

Are you by chance, still sending seeds to other countries that want them? I have started so many I am sooooo out of room. I have a bunch of seeds but don't have the time to parcel them out to a lot of individuals. There are quite a few different crosses too. No cybisters though.

Let me know if you or someone else is doing this.



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Hi Nancy,

There is right now a request for extra Hippie seeds from a garden club in Western Australia. They are not picky on the crosses as they are just beginner growers of Hippeastrums. I have sent them some seeds last year and now that they have seedlings growing, they are hooked! LOL Thanks for thinking of me and other gardeners. Please just contact me through "My Page".

Have a wonderful summer everyone!

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Thank you so much Maria. I have emailed you. I'm so happy someone can use these seeds.


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Maria, I sent you an email through your 'My Page' earlier this week but you must not have gotten it. I just sent you another in response to yours today.


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