Yellowed little bottom leaf w/brown edges, on newly indoor banana

cinnamonsworldAugust 24, 2008

Hi - I have two questions about my banana tree...

1) What can I do to ensure the rest of the plant doesn't get yellowed leaves? (What is the likely cause of the problem, that is.)

2) If I can safely cut off this bottom leaf, where is best to do it?


I just picked up a 5-gal banana plant from Home Depot about a week and a half ago, want to see how it fares indoors in a sunny window area (house temp around 75-78 degrees and I'm fine with the plant not necessarily growing any bigger).

It looks great except for the smallest lower leaf, which is about half yellow with slightly brown edges - drooping a little (just that leaf). My recollection is that this leaf didn't look so great when I bought it anyway... it may have gotten a little yellower since but I'm not 100% sure.


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Its normal for the lower leaves to dye off, once it turns yellow it is fine to just take some CLEAN scissors or a clean knife to cut it off about an inch or two from the main stem of plant. Any more questions feel free to send me a message I have lots of banana's. They grow fine as a container plant but require lots of water & very well drained soil.

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Thanks very much!

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