Bee propolis for glue

MossonarockFebruary 13, 2014

I have a very specific application that I am considering using bee propolis for. I have been looking but haven't found much info about using bee propolis as a glue. Can bee propolis be softened up and molded by heating it like violin rosin can be? I play violin and every now and then I break my rosin and have to melt it down and pour it into a mold to reform it. I wonder if bee propolis can be handled in a similar manner.

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Yes, bee propolis can be softened up and molded by heating it like violin rosin can be.
In fact, "Stradivarius used propolis resin (two parts propolis, five parts linseed oil) as a varnish to protect his violins, which eventually gave his instruments their distinctive mellow timbre." (source: Honey Nature's Golden Healer by Gloria Havenhand p. 118)

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