Bees at My Camellias

mimidi(z8)February 14, 2005

I don't raise bees and know very little about them. A little bit ago I was walking around my yards and found worlds of bees feeding at two of my camellia bushes. My first thought was that it is too early for bees but there they are. Other that the fact that they are feeding and I might have a hive near by could it mean that winter is over for us here in southeast Alabama? Sorry to be a dumbie but seeing them at this time of year was just amazing to me.

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txbeeguy(z8 TX)


Awareness of nature and the changing of the seasons - not on a human timescale according to a fixed calendar, but on nature's own timescale - is perhaps the most profound and probably has been the most enjoyable thing I've been taught by the bees. They are, after all, great teachers (...IF you only have the capacity to learn from be be recepive to what they're trying to tell you).

Go to your Camelias, stand very close to them, observe the bees up close - don't worry, the bees will not harm you. They are much too busy to pay attention to a mere human observer - they are busy raising a very large family (!) - they have many hungry mouths to feed!

You can know this is true by being aware. Look closely and see very small but bright yellow specks on the hind legs of the bees "working" your Camellias. Perhaps not on all the bees you see, but on several. This is pollen from your Camellias - gathered from the stigma - to feed the young the queen has already laid (...even this early in the "Spring") - we're on nature's calendar not a human one.

Winter may not be completely over in zone 8 Alabama but its definitely beginning to loose the race.

P.S. - their beehive "home" will not be too far away from you!
perhaps a few yards away....perhaps a mile or two... when they leave your flowers, look for the direction in which they depart

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