Looking for timber bamboo in south Carolina

ccoombs1(7B SC)August 18, 2013

Hi all. I am looking for a place to dig some starts of timber bamboo in SC. I have a 200' section along my back property line that I need a dense hedge. It backs up to a swamp so I know the bamboo won't become a problem for that property, but the land beyond the swamp may be developed at some point and I'd like a barrier from the development. I realize it will spread onto my land but that's fine. It can't ever make it to my yard because there is a deep creek in the way.

I am not afraid of hard work and am willing to dig the rhizomes up....I just need a place to do it and permission. I don't care what variety it is, as long as its a big one. Several different varieties is fine too. I am willing to pay for these rhizomes if necessary, I just can't afford to buy established plants.

Can anyone help or point me in the right direction? I live in SC and am willing to drive to neighboring states if necessary. Thanks!!!

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

I can't help you with plants as I live on the West Coast, but your idea to plant several varieties is a good one. Bamboo have a weird characteristic of "gregarious flowering." Depending on the species it could happen in a few years or in 150 years...but the timing can't be predicted. And typically, when a species flowers, it does it worldwide over a couple of year period. The problem is that, when it flowers, it puts its energy into producing seeds and the plants die out. If you have a one species barrier, you could be devastated and have to start all over.

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